News: Jaminid 0.99 was released on April 21st 2006. This includes the bugfixes and improvements otherwise only available through SVN/CVS as well as an Ajaxy example.

Jaminid Demo Server (usually up)

jaminid is a very small (and fast) daemon meant to embed in Java applications as an add-on HTTP interface.

It is not a traditional web-server; but a web-server can be built on a jaminid daemon. SimpleServer in the examples package is one such web-server, that by default shows you this document.

There are many advantages to using jaminid in your programs:

  • Couples the server as closely as possible to the application.
  • Can easily provide an elegant interface, in a style of programming that is not at all harder than traditional console I/O.
  • May be used to attach a thin client interface to pre-existing applications with ease.
  • Enables HTTP deployment without developing an HTTP daemon or knowledge of the protocols.
  • The server can bundle with the application removing the need of a third party server. This makes the application easier to distribute.
  • Does not require knowledge of any other scripting language.

The lack of support for any scripting protocols (PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl) might make this more difficult to use for a web programmer, but the interface is extremely simple, and the core functions can be implemented inside the content producers of the application. This is done through a very simple interface called a ContentOracle.

A ContentOracle works in a way very similar to a standard Java Servlet, and infact, you could write a ContentOracle that delegates the work to Servlets, if you already have pre-existing servlets. This is extremely easy, and might be developed as an add-on in the near future.

ContentOracles are even more lightweight than Servlets however; the interface is very simple, and the class you extend contains core functions that already work well. The server is also extremely lightweiht; a working jar can be as small as 36K.

Ports of Servlets, PHP and JSP may enable support of these scripts in the future, however that is not the main concern of this project, that was rather built to enable very quick web-interface implementation - indeed no scripting at all.

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The project leader is Constantinos Michael.

This project is open source, released under the LGPL. If you need to use this project and would like to obtain it under a different license, please contact the administrators to ask for it.